Monday 27 July 2009

Envelopes and their Contents

This is a project I participated in towards the end of last year. It was called "Envelopes and their contents" which appealed to me. I seem to remember it was posted on the Arts Council's email news list bulletin that they send out daily.   Ninety nine per cent of the time there's nothing of interest or  relevance but occasionally I see something.    I sent the "Stitches" image because it was what I was working on at the time and it relates to my ideas about  the duality of the image .   As in the self,  the infant becomes through being adopted into a host family and the 'unknown' self as in from the biological origins etc.

 I found out about being adopted myself,  through looking in envelopes I shouldn't have looked in,  at the bottom of my mothers wardrobe in her bedroom.  Was'nt really supposed to be poking around in there but I was a very curious child ( in more ways than one !!)

The exhibition took place during the Liverpool Artists Book Fair at Wolstenholme Projects. It was curated by Sophie Loss and Mary Yacoob.
See more about the project HERE

Sunday 19 July 2009

Where do I begin ??

Its been so long since I posted here that I almost don't know where to begin. I was very busy the 2 or 3 weeks that took me up to the end of June because I knew I was going into hospital on the 30th for an operation on my spine called a "lumbar laminectomy". Sounds more like some kind of process that would be undertaken on a thick plank of wood to go on your kitchen worktop.
Anyway I had a print the collagraph with the little figure on a horse and the leopard silhouette. I wasn't too sure how soon again I would be fit to do any printmaking so I had to get that piece resolved so that it would be ready to go into the "silver exhibition" for FDPW's touring exhibition. I already had a piece in a frame for it but I had never been that happy with it and so worked on this 'replacement' piece..

After all the weeks of work on it, in the end I had to use some hand coloring with some water soluble pastel pencils to get it looking right. BUT - I got it done and that was the main thing.