Sunday 15 June 2014

what to do today - Easter Monday after (belated post)

Well the past 3 days I have been working on a monotype that should have been done with ......EXCEPT ................... that I made a slip of the hand when I was giving it a slight final touching up with a pigment permanent fine liner pen, which is an unusual strategy in itself ugh but it turned out to be such a costly mistake.

I suppose the good thing is that working with this image made me realise that I want to do a dedicated print of it,  as in I will make a circular plate with a reticulated watercolour bloom like  effect......... not sure yet whether to use collagraph with a mountboard and drypoint for the figs

or to use copper or zinc and try out some of those lovely wash effects with the Lascaux wash product or even the technique where you add washing up liquid to the plate after its been aquatinted..............

Here's is a monochrome 'mock up' version of the monotype that I was working on.

The finished colour version is about 55 x  65 cm.