Wednesday 2 October 2013

International Mail Art Postcard Project 2010

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I first became aware of this project in late 2009, I seem to remember that I saw a notice about it on Artists Books 3, which is a Ning site - set up as thee BookArt nerds social network/ showcase/resource etc etc etc.  It's a fantastic website - if you have never visited  - you will see some AMAZINGLY wonderful pieces of art on there.  
The original announcement to participate said that the format would be a postcard which had another two postcards attached (using a concertina fold and perforation).  These would be sent to the participant by the initiator/curator of the project Helen Allsebrook.   who at the time was based at C.F.P.R / University of the West of England, Bristol. The project ended up with a total of 240 participants from more than 13 countries.  It was also exhibited at Univ.West., England.

I like Elizabeth Banfields work (that's her contribution above) Have a look at her website - lots of interesting stuff to see.  Participants were allowed to use any media or subject, so there was a fair amount of collage which can be fun to use for quick one off fun things like mail art projects. I participate in them every now and again if the theme appeals to me or the venue/location.

This one poking fun at Sarah Palin by Jackie Batey (of Damp Flat Books) is a laugh 

There was no theme and the idea was that "Artist 1" ( I was the first person in my postcard concertina)   creates some artwork on their allocated section and then posts it along - to the next 'allocated designated artist number 2" in one of the envelopes provided.  Thereafter it was posted on to participant number three. After all three blank boxes had been filled the card was to be returned to the base i.e., Helen Allesbrook, back in the UK. 

The thing is though that I forgot to take a scan of the postcard I made !!! I also could not find it by going through the images on the website which isn't a straightforward genre of website.  I don't know do they call that kind of website where the images keep going by on a kind of slide carousal "flash based' ??

So if you were that person i.e., on my concertina postcard  ??  then please do get in touch as it would be nice to see the finished postcard collaboration !!

So there you are - a bit late doing a post about it - but there are so many things I do,  that don't make it on here.  This was one of the many 'drafts' on my dashboards post list - I'm sure all you other bloggers out there will have some of your own ??.

If you would like to see all the images featured in the project see this LINK TO POSTAL ART PROJECT

Art from China

These are a few pieces I came across on the web a while back.  Unfortunately the website where I found them is now in "404" status.  I have just "friended" the person who operated that gallery so perhaps I will hear more news as a consequence.