Wednesday 13 October 2010

Eutopia or Distopia ?

A few months back I saw that 'Culture Inside', a European based artists website,  was having an exhibition on the theme "Eutopia".   I read through the details and thought to myself that my installation "House Angel"  was ideal as submission material.  I contacted them and was very pleased when additionally they informed me,  that there was no entry fee for 3D artworks/ installations.  I was originally invited to be an artist on this website a few years back and try to visit it every now and again.  

detail from the installation "House Angel"

Anyway so I sent the jpegs in on time and was pleased to hear very quickly that my installation  had been selected.   Had I not been disabled and been in possession of sufficient funds I would have loved to attend the opening event.    It  turned out that the reason there was no cost for submitting  3d works,  was because they (C.I.)  were not in a position to exhibit such pieces - although they hope to be able to do so for future exhibitions.    The three selected works - we were referred to as "winning sculptors" which I find amusing as I have never considered myself as such - would have their images projected onto large screens at the venue in Neumunster in Luxembourg.  The exhibition ran from end of July to mid September.
The people I dealt with at Culture Inside were very nice.  Here's the press release which they sent me:
Do click on it to enlarge and make it legible.

details from the installation "House Angel"

To find out more about the exhibition and the organization 'Culture Inside' visit this LINK
I look forward to receiving  a copy of the catalogue which will be a memento of the event.

I have looked through the works chosen for the exhibition again and again and there were one or two pieces that caught my eye like e.g. "Rickshaw" by Serge Strelnikoff from the Ukraine, and   "Condescension" by Nick Katkov, (Russia).

  Otherwise the only  artists work that I truly found to be of significance was that of Basil Colin Frank as I feel it has authenticity and depth.  Here's a link to his website. where you can read more about the intentions behind the piece.

Monday 11 October 2010

Agata Dymus-Kazmierczak

I first came across Agata's printmaking about 3 or 4 years ago.  I think she was just starting out in printmaking at the time and I saw some of her early work on  her Flickr account. Have a look here to see those earlier pieces .    She had an adventurous approach and there were one or two pieces that I quite liked.    But my goodness she has come such a long way since then and has been doing very well for herself.    I seem to remember that she got some kind of  a residency at the Robert Gordon University, following her B.A. degree and most recently a place on the M.A. printmaking course at the Royal College of Art.

Go check out her website.............she seems to have that  Polish "knack" for graphic art and more importantly a beautiful aesthetic and imagination.

Agata has not uploaded her more recent work to her website (reminds me that I ought to do that too!!) so her best pieces are only viewable on her FLICKR account.  Of these I particularly like  "Elegy about a Polish Mongrel" also a piece called "

Hamartia" both lithographs which she seems to particularly favor.