Wednesday 26 May 2010

Printmaking Submissions

I have not posted on here in ages which is an absolute disgrace but I HAVE as usual, been hard at work.

Right now I am working on a print made using wood as the matrix.  It won't be a conventional woodcut although it may contain some positively cut areas.  I will have to see how my tests with the cut out,  of the wood goes.  I have been practicing using the jigsaw to cut organicly shaped pieces ( pretty scary at first after not using it for a few years!!)
I have also been doing some tests using intaglio on wood.  Although results initially were not very encouraging I think things are beginning to improve.  I will post some pictures on here soon, of the test procedures and outcomes.

In relation to this current wood focus I took another look at how Karen Kunc uses wood in the making of her images.  I watched the video that I had posted on here in an earlier post - very inspiring.  Even before I looked at the video I had already made proofs using masks and stencils on thin paper as well as on Hahnemuhle.  These I plan to work onto further,  either using the positivly cut woodcuts , trace monotypes and / or small amounts of inkjet chine colle.

Anyway getting back to the heading of this post.  I just found out that my portfolio submission of ten prints sent to Liege were received safely and not selected , which is what I thought initially .

The ironic thing though, is that printing photographic images of ones work, onto paper to send to Liege (and the few other biennials that require one to submit these) is disheartening -  as the quality just isn't good even using my best Epson archival matte paper.

I wish they would change their set up, so that people could submit jpegs,  as these give the best representation as to how the prints look.  Providing of course you take them in daylight and use the best quality digital camera you can get your hands on. I though probably won't get anywhere  -  I'll send them in anyway.  I don't think there was an entry fee which is always welcome when you consider how much some places ask.
Here are the pieces I sent them.

The fourth and 5th sheet ( of  2 images) features 4 of the prints I submitted to Lahti recently .

I hope I get selected for that but you just don't know until you hear back.  I think my favorite work was that second last one you see on here.  Its called "Rest in Peace" which I also made a miniature print of and sent in a submission to BIMPE.  We shall see........ we shall see.

note : they used to have images from previous exhibition on their website but I could not locate them when I visited.  Maybe they are in the process of updating this.