Wednesday 6 February 2008

Have You Seen Her...Tell Me Have You Seen Her?

Remember that song ...”.well I see her face everywhere I go, in the streets and even in the picture show - Have you seen her, tell me have you seen her”?

This is a photo of myself and a long time friend Susan Carlyle, who grew up in Australia. I think she has dual nationality though I am not certain. Her dad is English – I wish I had his contact details. We met through both working in London, at a Jewish residential unit , a social care project. We became good buddies and have always maintained contact. This photo was taken on a day trip to Cambridge, in the university grounds. I had just bought that green hat, from a little street market, which at that time cost me sixty pounds and I was delighted with it. It's made by a French designer Jacque something or other.

Then these American or Canadian tourists spotted us and asked if they could take our photo so we agreed and they took our contact details and later sent the photo.

The man kind of apologized afterwards saying he had been acting on impulse and just though that we looked such an absolute picture - especially with "that hat" .............kind of looked like a little Irish Leprechaun. Imagine his embarrassment when I mentioned that I actually was Irish!!

We just all laughed about it.

On a more serious note I have lost touch with Susan though I am under the impression that she is here in the UK. I just hope she is OK. I will be so pleased when I hear from her.

Sunday 3 February 2008

Lots of Clearing Out and Tidying Up

What a headline, doesn't sound a bit exciting and it wasn't just hard graft although I am sure that I must have found at least one thing I had been looking for although there are still two copper plates with text on them that are mysteriously missing. I threw out a bit of stuff so that free'd up some space. This IS a small studio really but at least I have one. Some people don't have a dedicated space to work in and that must be awful.


I found THAT copper plate with the text on it. It was 'where I'd left it" i.e., just outside the wooden hut with a load of turpentine soaked newspaper on top of it. I'm lucky it hadn't gone rusty.

Saturday 2 February 2008

More on the Christmas Machine

Here are a couple of more images from the Christmas Machine exhibition in Berlin, that I particularly like - well one of them is another image by one of the exhibiting artists who I came across a while ago on Flickr : Cecilia Levy. The other image of the bird was actually in the exhibition. See the other post here on this blog for the initial posting about the exhibition.