Tuesday 4 January 2022

Testing new posts - especially whether an email notifying new content on blog is sent to subscribers

Well the last post on here was to do with the International Print Exhibition in Wrexham and how I would love to have been there for the opening and particularly to see all of the other  artwork.  If this works I will do some 'catch up' on here.

NOTE for those who are unaware Blogger/Google notified us 'bloggers' that the "Sign up by Email" function was to be 'scrapped' after June 2020 or possibly 2021?  There was to be no replacement!

Re losing Feed burner  Follow by Email”....

The impression I get is that followers who are already on my 'RSS email Feed' list - continue to receive email notifications whenever I create new posts on my blog.

HOWEVER the gadget for "Follow by Email" is no longer visible in the column to the side of my blog.  I double checked by going to my dashboard and then 'Page Layout' and clicked on 'Add a Gadget' ------Alas-------"Follow by Email" is no longer on the list of gadgets.  

Anyway lets see...........

I am pleased to report that through the excellent research and advice offered through https://sofanmax.blogspot.com/2021/10/followit-to-replace-feedburner-follow-by-email-widget-in-blogger-for-free.html.   I was able to register with Follow.it. and thereby enable those people who wished to subscribe, to do so.  This was/is at no cost........ 

Just doing a further test so will resume posting on here soon.