Monday 5 October 2015

Inkless Printmaking with Velvet (burnout technique...

Had to keep a record of this great tip from Alisa Golden

re "devore" technique onto velvet  from a relief block

you just need a hot iron .............

Making Handmade Books: Inkless Printmaking with Velvet (burnout technique...: This little project is categorized in the file: "keeping myself sane in the midst of other obligations." A brief detour. All that ...

Monday 29 June 2015

The Last Book

"The Last Book" is a project that I may have mentioned in earlier posts on this blog as I submitted a piece for inclusion.

The aim of the project was to compile written as well as visual statements  to leave a legacy for future generations. The premise of the project is that book-based culture is coming to an end.

On the one hand, new technologies have introduced cultural mutations by transferring information to television and the Internet.  On the other, there has been an increasing deterioration in the educational systems (as much in the First World as on the periphery) and a proliferation of religious and anti-intellectual fundamentalisms. 

The Last Book will serve as a time-capsule and leave a document and testament of our time, as well as a stimulus for a possible reactivation of culture in case of its disappearance by negligence, catastrophe or conflagration. 

the above in italics is abridged from Luis Camnitzer's introduction to the aims of the project

I have to admit that I am disappointed not to have seen any documentation by the organizer of this project on the internet.

There are many references to it on the web although these are mainly vs a vs those thousands of artists who participated  and who have consequently added it to their C.V.s. 

Of course I appreciate that the artist, Luis Camnitzer coordinated the project alone.  I have done such things myself (although not with thousands of artists) and I have always made it as important as the art project itself - to publish information/documentation of participating artists contributions.    I have no idea as to whether Luis secured any funding or grants to enable him to recruit assistants to help with its administration.  Having said that in the original notice there was mention of the national Library of Madrid supporting the project. 

My communications concerning this project were always directly with him but these were always very brief and there was no explanation as to why there was a lack of dissemination.

Oh well.....................artist be aware when you participate in projects that you need to ascertain that you as a participant/ contributor , will be kept informed about the project AND that there will be documentation of all participants contributions (artworks), online.
Sadly this is not the first time I have experienced this........ I'm afraid that as far as I am concerned,  this is an unprofessional attitude towards ones fellow artists.

I really would have loved to see how the other artist interpreted the theme "The Last Book".

Last Book Exhibitions:


The Last Book, curated by Luis Camnitzer


The National Library of Argentina, Buenos Aires  March (2009)


The Last Book, curated by Luis Camnitzer


Zentralbibliothek Zürich,  March 24 - July 31 (2010)


The Last Book, curated by Luis Camnitzer


New York Public Library (Aguilar)  Feb 2 - May 29 (2011).


The Last Book, curated by Luis Camnitzer


Hamburg Staats und Universitat Bibliothek 

15th May - 1st July (2012)

Note:  In the original announcement there was also mention of hopes to secure funding to issue a publication about this project (presumably a book) in the future.  Wouldn't  it be a wonderful surprise and a 'reprieve" of sorts were I to  received such a thing at some point.