Monday 31 January 2011

Countries I have Exhibited in within EUROPE and My location

I think that this is a map from 1995, so there will, of course,  have been some shifts in national borders.Please feel free to comment on that.            Mainly I thought I would put a map of where I am based - just in case you are in the neighbourhood.  Dunfermline is just north east of Edinburgh, which many people will have heard of if only because of the ‘Edinburgh Arts Festival’ which takes place annually.  While I was marking this on the map I also ticked all of the countries that I have exhibited in, as far as I can remember.
Here's a Google map too.

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What ever happened to Mandy Wan ?

Mandy was someone who I hung about with while I was doing the post graduate printmaking course at Wimbledon which finished in 2000.  I always wonder what has happened to her - she was a gritty, hard working Hong Kong girl with lovely work and meticulously high standards.  We exhibited together at Wimbledon Library Gallery at one point along with Pat Paxson who was also very professional  individual.

Mandy also made wonderful ceramic objects.  The work above is about the ancient practice of foot-binding, which she made an installation about which featured rows of casts of foot-bound feet.  It was shown in an exhibition called "The Needle Woman" at the 198 Gallery in Brixton, London (Scroll down the page)


I want to try to use aquatint in my etchings more than I do and to play about with the wonderful spray gun we now have at the workshop.  It involves more walking about and standing (which exacerbates my pain) BUT ..............

This piece by Norman Ackroyd is just gorgeous.


I have been fiddling about lately trying to find some website or other where I can set up a portfolio website of sorts because I am unable to afford to continue my subscription to Other Peoples Pixels .  That is where I have my website until the 1st May 2011.  Fortunately I can hang on to my domain name and email package through the provider they use.  So I am hoping to have the portfolio url ready to redirect to by that time.

Here is where I eventually 'settled' although I have only uploaded 3 images or so thus far.  It's a photoblog on Wordpress and so far I think it looks pretty good, the 'theme' I am using is called "Duotone".
Heres a screen grab.