Wednesday 5 October 2011

Oh its a Charmed Life.......................

This will take you to a lovely video by artist Felicity Powell who has curated an exhibition all about charms and amulets at the Welcome collection in London.

All works by artist Felicity Powell

Felicity currently has curated an exhibition focusing on amulets and charms at the Wellcome Collection in London.  I found this video, which is included in the exhibition, made by her, to be delightful.  
The process that is featured within the video i.e., playing around with wax and creating forms, is very much part of the method she uses to create her own artworks.

Andrew Graham Dixon said of her “ she is a reinventor of the medallic tradition in the modern day.

He describes “Hot Air” (above)  thus………….is a diatribe on the theme of global warming. On one side, a hydra-headed monster speaks with forked tongue; on the other, a pair of human buttocks surface from water like the back of the whale, farting clouds of foolishness into the sky.

Her medal itself reinvents the form itself, a kind satirical spool, on which is wound a ribbon of fatuities spouted by self-interested politicians”