Tuesday 16 March 2010

NightLadder............... a collaboration

Gwenn Tasker, Lisa Pullen and Angela Gardner have collaborated to create something called Nightladder.  
I find these works to be very beautiful and inspiring.  I came across this while looking at a printmaking opportunity on the Umbrella Studios (Australia)  website.  

These are artists who express themselves using language metaphor and symbolism referencing mythology. 

Angela Gardner created two suites of poems which were the impetus for the project.    The piece is a  rewriting of fairy tales; Gwen's response is a suite of prints called  The Twelve Labours, in which the Labours of Hercules are reviewed and heroism reconfigured.
Both sets of poems essentially explore issues of the human condition that cut across time and culture. 

They strive to evoke associations and reflections around the issues of gender, authority, violence and the relationship between the human and the rest of the natural world to provoke both philosophical and ethical questions in the viewers. 

see more images and details at:

Project Website

Project Portfolio

Lisa Pullen

Gwenn Tasker
You can see four more of her images from the  suite here

Angela Gardner
Unfortunately I was not able to find the poems to look at, anywhere online although there are examples of Angela's other written works as well as  her artworks at: