Saturday 20 October 2007

Forthcoming Print Biennials and Triennials

Forthcoming Print Biennials and Truennials

International Triennial Exhibition of Prints, KOCHI

deadline: 31-10-2007


deadline: 15-11-2007

International Experimental Engraving Biennial, MOGOSOAIA
Bucharest experimental Printmaking

deadline: 20-11-2007

Biennial International Miniature Print Exhibition VANCOUVER

deadline: 10-05-2008

Friday 19 October 2007

Cobalt Series (20)

Cobalt Series (20)
Originally uploaded by ainesse.
Another one from the series which I have now decided to call "Elemental Traces". Made using the offset process and chine colle. Also digital archival print onto Japanese paper.

Saturday 13 October 2007

Silver (work for the FDPW anniversary exhibition)

They images on the left might not look like anything important and in a sense they are not. I "fished" out the measurements for the frames that I will be putting the artworks in FDPW (Fife & Dunfermline Print Workshop) had them fabricated previously for a touring exhibition).

I then cut to size, some old foam board (that I am glad I did not throw away !!).

Doing this enabled me to get a feel for the size of the pieces for this exhibition. I have about 4 or 5 weeks to make this artwork.


It's funny how often. at artists' meetings, I have participated in, over the years, I have emphasized the importance of our exhibitions being based on themes. And here I am just after the previous project i.e., "Cobalt", working to another theme - well at least with this one, I am told that it may be interpreted in any way as long as we work to it as a theme.
Well inevitably - I have been thinking about it and I even did a little contextual research last night looking up silver on Flickr just to see what came up - nothing useful there - as it so happened, then I looked up silver in Mythology and in Alchemy and the only thing that had some resonance with my own interests (language symbols; metaphors etc) was mirrors and reflections.

An image I made, for example, a while back that springs to mind, is of a little figure going through a mirror. I have recently well it was about January or February, printed an image onto metallic inkjet foil( not yet loaded up to the web).

That piece - I then layered with beeswax which was an effect that I also though that maybe I would like to use in the future so I may incorporate that into these works.

Or perhaps just the Frightened Spider">wax onto either standalone inkjet prints on printmaking paper.

Maybe additionally incorporating intaglio elements.

As we all know though, it's great fun having all these ideas but making them come to reality is another matter altogether.

I will have to keep to making works to go in frames though.........which in a way is quite a restriction for me.

Thursday 11 October 2007

The Cobalt Series is completed

The picture of the carved woodblock (below) is by Jenn Schmitt

Cobalt Series (6)
Originally uploaded by ainesse.
I thought it was about time that I posted about this set that I have been working on for about the last five weeks

for the Periodic Table Printmaking Project.
Now I just have to choose one of these to send to Jenn Schmitt, the coordinator of this fab project. I had not realized that I would have to put the number of the element on the print and the element symbol or abbreviation so I had better get on with it and get it into the mailbox especially given that our postal workers here in the UK, are striking every 2 days lately in their struggle to fight the government postal service cuts and to get better pension rights.

Tuesday 9 October 2007

Contemporary Printmakers from Brazil

Through one of my Google alerts, I received notice of this exhibition opening which is showing printmaker artists from Brazil. It's of particular interest because I have three good artist friends, who work from a printmaking basis, that live in Sao Paulo, Brazil. They are Rosana Paulino who I have previously mentioned on this blog, Paula Torres who I made a collaborative artwork with at one time for a project called "Interlap" organized by a German artist called Yael Hxxgs and lastly Maria Alvires who is showing in this exhibition that I have just heard of. Click here re the notice

Saturday 6 October 2007

A Perfect Web

A Perfect Web
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I love spiders (aesthetically!) having said that I wouldn't deliberately kill one. I probably would wash one down the drain though , with cold water.

Their webs are amazing/

Tuesday 2 October 2007

Aran (a photo by Michael Schneider)

This phto was taken by Michael Schneider, he is an Austrian artist, who also was in the Falun exhibition. I think its probably one of the best photos of it. I wonder what kind of camera he used?

Still no positive development re my G4 laptops "blank out".

Monday 1 October 2007

All my files on my G4 have been "disappeared"

I am on my partners computer now. He is trying to find out what has gone wrong............I can't believe it.

There seems no apparent reason. I was using it earlier this morning and everything was fine.
I passed the laptop over to C. because he wanted to use some software on it that does not work on his laptop ( i.e., this one, the Macbook) and he had the share network turned on - that which makes it possible to interconnect and go to files on my laptop while he is on his own laptop.

That is what the context was - when whatever happened "happened"!!!!

Oh dear god please make things be OK.....................

We did a back up fairly recently but there is still a lot of new work from this past few weeks.

PLEASE............let it be OK.......