Saturday 20 October 2007

Forthcoming Print Biennials and Triennials

Forthcoming Print Biennials and Truennials

International Triennial Exhibition of Prints, KOCHI

deadline: 31-10-2007


deadline: 15-11-2007

International Experimental Engraving Biennial, MOGOSOAIA
Bucharest experimental Printmaking

deadline: 20-11-2007

Biennial International Miniature Print Exhibition VANCOUVER

deadline: 10-05-2008

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  1. Hi Aine. I really don't know where to find either a picture or a sketch of an unborn foal. I can only suggest a major library and veterinary anatomy texts.
    Alternatively, you could try emailing veterinary or horse husbandry societies nearby - they may be able to point you to something.

    There is an unborn elephant in the BibliOdyssey book, just by the by.

    For future ref. email: peacayATTTTTTTgmailDOTTTTTTcom (it's in the profile blurb)


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