Saturday, 13 October 2007

Silver (work for the FDPW anniversary exhibition)

They images on the left might not look like anything important and in a sense they are not. I "fished" out the measurements for the frames that I will be putting the artworks in FDPW (Fife & Dunfermline Print Workshop) had them fabricated previously for a touring exhibition).

I then cut to size, some old foam board (that I am glad I did not throw away !!).

Doing this enabled me to get a feel for the size of the pieces for this exhibition. I have about 4 or 5 weeks to make this artwork.


It's funny how often. at artists' meetings, I have participated in, over the years, I have emphasized the importance of our exhibitions being based on themes. And here I am just after the previous project i.e., "Cobalt", working to another theme - well at least with this one, I am told that it may be interpreted in any way as long as we work to it as a theme.
Well inevitably - I have been thinking about it and I even did a little contextual research last night looking up silver on Flickr just to see what came up - nothing useful there - as it so happened, then I looked up silver in Mythology and in Alchemy and the only thing that had some resonance with my own interests (language symbols; metaphors etc) was mirrors and reflections.

An image I made, for example, a while back that springs to mind, is of a little figure going through a mirror. I have recently well it was about January or February, printed an image onto metallic inkjet foil( not yet loaded up to the web).

That piece - I then layered with beeswax which was an effect that I also though that maybe I would like to use in the future so I may incorporate that into these works.

Or perhaps just the Frightened Spider">wax onto either standalone inkjet prints on printmaking paper.

Maybe additionally incorporating intaglio elements.

As we all know though, it's great fun having all these ideas but making them come to reality is another matter altogether.

I will have to keep to making works to go in frames though.........which in a way is quite a restriction for me.

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