Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Contemporary Printmakers from Brazil

Through one of my Google alerts, I received notice of this exhibition opening which is showing printmaker artists from Brazil. It's of particular interest because I have three good artist friends, who work from a printmaking basis, that live in Sao Paulo, Brazil. They are Rosana Paulino who I have previously mentioned on this blog, Paula Torres who I made a collaborative artwork with at one time for a project called "Interlap" organized by a German artist called Yael Hxxgs and lastly Maria Alvires who is showing in this exhibition that I have just heard of. Click here re the notice


  1. Hello Aine,

    Tks for your interest! It really pleases me.

    I've made the post on this exibit because my mother is one of the artists in the show, so... I can put you two in contact, if you would like.

    The galery responsable for the exibit in Brasil, has an web site: www.cantogravura.com.br . Hope it helps, and later on I'll send you some more.

    Hope hearing from you soon

    Thomaz Delgado Kardos

  2. is it Maria Villares, insted of Maria Alvires, that you know that is also showing in this exibhition?

  3. Yes Thomas......it is Marie Villares. I look forward to getting further information from you and I am so pleased to hear from you. Thank you


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