Friday 14 September 2012

Sorpresa Scatola di Venezia

which means 'surprise' 'box' and 'Venice' get a little box (container) and don't know what's going to be in it.  So it's a surprise...............

In April/ May of last year (2011) I decided that I would like to make some pieces for a project that was being put together by Marina Moreno ( based in the UK)  for an installation  to be exhibited at the Serra dei Giardini, Venice.  Initially one had to send them jpegs/info for a preview of  your work to see whether they wished to include you in the project.

I wondered whether I would be able to make such teeny  tiny  works ...but as I got more and more into it I found that I was able to do so.  Perhaps the fact that it was 3d helped.  I 'erred' on the smaller side as it had to fit into about 8 cm cubic space , i.e., inside a transparent acrylic  globe.  I already had one of these ( I purchased it at The London Graphic Centre years ago in case it came in handy for a project in the future) .................. so I was able to try it out to see what it looked like - which was a great help.

The blurb about the project said there was going to be a catalogue produced too so I thought that would be a nice souvenir of the project as although I have visited the Venice Biennial in the past (1999) vs a vs the delegation,   + in relation to a project called "Agendas X3 "  it was'nt likely that I would be in a position to attend.

Under a broad interpretation of the given  theme "ILLUMINATION"
 - here are the pieces I created for the exhibition:


" Inimois II "

 Size: 55 x 85 x 15 mm  /   2.25 x 3.75 x 0.50  inches

 Techniques/ processes:

trace monotype, drawing, collage, drypoint pastel drawing. C.A.D. printed out on on 'Fabriano 5',  160 gsm paper, using archival inkjet pigment. Additionally incorporated is 'Fabriano Rosaspina' 220 gsm and Hahnemuhle   paper 220 gsm,silk thread, transparent tinted gauze ribbon with bookbinders pva.

 All materials archival
 The subject matter of this piece, is linked to the acquisition of knowledge –
  i.e. to become illuminated.  There are darker aspects involved in this process   
  but also lighter dimensions which the book explores.  Now that the internet is 
  more a part, of most peoples lives -  knowledge is no longer the exclusive
  domain of the elite.

 The word “Inimois” comes from the ‘Lingua Ignota’ of Hildegard of Bingens writings , this was a  secret language, that she developed in the 12th century.  It means human being or being human………..

" Beata Orbis "

Size:  60 x 60 x 20 mm  /  2.5 x 2.5 x 0.75 inches

Techniques/ processes:

C.A.D., intaglio collagraph, inkjet printed, onto Mingeishi Japanese paper, papier mache onto eggshell, bookbinders PVA and brown craft paper.  Shredded 60 gsm paper tinted with acrylic ink.
all materials archival

Generations have come before us and will follow – this piece concerns  people of the future, who will walk this earth and be the guardians of our planet.  The shredded text representative of how they are ‘nested’ within history,  knowledge and learning – with the hope that they will add further discoveries to this sanctuary and be wise and benevolent to our ‘blessed earth’.


" Tiger House "

Size:  65 x 70 x 42 mm  /  2.5 x 3 x 2 inches

Techniques/ processes:
trace monotype, drawing, drypoint pastel drawing. C.A.D. printed out on archival pigment on Bockingford watercolour paper 190 gsm also incorporating bookbinders pva.
all materials archival

This piece has visual icons from cultures of the East, West as well as from the Southern hemisphere and is ‘sited’ on handwriting that refers to the visionary 17th century artist William Blake. In doing so the artist makes an allusion to the difficulties he faced because of his “otherness”. Gradually the people of our planet (represented within the construct of a tiny house form) are moving more across and between borders – and so there is a need for us to show  more tolerance towards  people of difference within our social environment.

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