Friday 2 November 2018

Paris Exhibition Summer 2018 photos PV + other artists etc (Post no 3/3)

This exhibition took place in 'summer' 2018 (May June and in August)in Paris (see posts below for further info) 
In addition to photos taken at the opening I have included where possible some images from each of the exhibiting artists:

1.  Akane Kirimura
     I think it was Akane who organised/coordinated the exhibition

Akané KIRIMURA, France; if you do visit  - you will find absolutely loads of lovely work to look at using a range of techniques + approaches.

2.   Anne Paulus

Anne Paulus, France  

there are artists books, printmaking works and ceramics.  She seems to favour working in a restricted palette.  Its something I have had fleeting thoughts on although never actually done.  Having said that my colours in my earlier works were brighter in colour.

wish I knew who was who?  but have absolutely no idea

3.  Mitsouko Mori

Mitsouko MORI, France

Mitsouko works using silkscreen lithography etching and more recently neon.  She seems not to have a dedicated website so instead there are bits and pieces all over the internet - hard to choose one......

This link takes you to a search on Google:        

4.   Katherine Jones

Katherine is an exceptional artist printmaker - she combines relief and intaglio in such a way that is unique.
The link below is to  a video that you can see on You Tube,  in which she seems to be describing one of the processes she uses in making her prints, involving a stencil through which ink is wiped away?  ......anyway go figure...........

5.   Akira Abe

Akira ABE, Japan  the url below, is best I could find on him:é-2397-en.html#1

6.   Tiina Kivinen

love the wash-like nature of many of Tiina's etchings

Tiina Kivinen, Finland

7.  Kanako Watanabe

Kanako WATANABE, Japan; 

Beautiful subtle graceful moku hanga prints


She doesn't seem to have a dedicated website so again a google search seems best option