Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Latest suite of Four Prints

Silver Heart Lines
Originally uploaded by ainesse.
Latest suite of Four Prints - made for the Silver anniversary exhibition taking place at the beginning of December near Dunfermline (venue details to follow)
I don't have the size of this piece but its a medium to large size work. I have titled it Lines of the Hear or is it Hear Lines, its connected with the idea of Life lines and the web that is the narrative of our lives. It a secret what it is about , I have my own interpretation. I suppose I can tell you that it is about loss and missing people and well secret identities. It is made using a small amount of digital print as well as the offset of the handmade cobweb that I put through the etching press. I also used the heart hard ground etching, which is one of my favorite recently made etch elements. I have used "mirri card" paper doll like, cut outs too. This is probably my favourite of the four prints I made for this exhibition although "Silver Spoon" is a close contender.

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