Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Miniprint Finland 2007

Artworks featured from top to bottom:
1. Pirkko Acklin
2. Laura Pohjonen
3. "Anne Makelä
4. Modhir Ahmet

Missed this one this year which is dang...annoying as I particularly wanted to put in a submission. I got a catalog for the 2001 exhibition as I submitted that year but did not get selected. I realized consequently that I had misinterpreted the size requirements.
Anyway I went along to the site and had a look and picked out a few artists whose work interested me for various reasons. There were only two tradigital artist printmakers, namely In Hee Bang and Sigita Dackeviciute.

For an interesting approach to inkjet printing; József Gábos, Pirkko Acklin, and also Kimmo Hakonen.
Theodor Liho and Anne Mäkelä created Intaglio prints that had something quite Interesting about them. I also liked Laura Pohjonen’s hymn book.

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