Friday, 30 November 2007

I don't know what's happening to me but I've gone all green !!

UGH what was it that brought this on?.......well I have finally had the time to 'faf' and fiddle about with some files on my computer and to go through some documentation of an exhibition I was in at this time (well slightly earlier October/November) last year i.e., 2006 ( this was in Mieres in Spain, by the way) and so I have been going though the art installation shots of "Ring around the Rosies" and I guess the whole 'green' thing came out of that. Well it is my favourite colour, certainly for wearing.

I also was fed up with my blog header because it was jutting out to the right side of the page, putting things all "out of kilter" and I wanted a 'warmer' feel to my blog. Maybe it's the cold weather - I mean not wanting the 'blueness'. Anyway - so I chose a new template and then started playing around with the hairy print 'semicircs' that I probably love the most, of the stuff from this installation ( by the way that's the central semi circle, in the header above.
Well and then I threw a couple of small details from the "rosies" into that and voila ...there you are.

Wish it was that easy to change the furniture in your house and such like. Wouldn't it be great !!!

I am feeling better than I was - the horrid pain in my leg having abated so thank ee Gawd for that!!! har har har !!!

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