Sunday, 2 December 2007

Catherine King printmaker fine artist

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Here is a picture from the exhibition opening that I attended today. This is the artwork of Catherine King who is a pretty interesting collagraph printmaker. These works are rather large almost life size. She has made the pieces in sections and incorporated silver leaf as well as drawing in the head/body areas. The theme of the show was/is Silver and like myself, C. just couldn’t get that excited about the theme although once she settled onto the idea of a buckle ...she was off on her way towards making these pieces. Given that she works full time as a teacher and is a mother of 2 - she works damn hard at maintaining her fine art practice and I admire that. She comes across as a woman with energy and passion!! Good on yah C.

The exhibition " Print Silver`' features works by members of FDPW past and present. It runs from December 1st to 13th January, and is on at the Kirkcaldy Museum & Art Gallery, War Memorial Gardens, Kirkaldy, Phone: 01592 583213

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