Monday, 10 December 2007

Photographs of my New Studio 1

New Studio 1
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Well it's actually a converted garage but its 'new' to me. I made some prints yesterday and that is why it is such an untidy mess. These I have sent off to Denmark for a forthcoming exhibition - I was being generous also because these guys get to keep the 3 prints that I sent - I must be mad !!
I will upload these to the blog later.

Getting back to the photos of the studio although this probably makes it look like a nightmare to work in -- its not like that at all.

Once my trusty etching press was brought down stairs a couple of days ago - it was like it was/ is officially open!!

At present the etching press seems to be covered in stuff acting more like a table top. That blue print on the left is a trace monotype that I made a couple of years ago when I was testing a whole load of paper samples that John Purcell papers in London sent me.

This was in an effort to find a suitable paper. Something I have been doing for years on and off.
The idea with trying all of these thin lightweight "smoothish" papers ; being that I would then, place an order. I did do that along with probably ordering some Fabriano or maybe it was the Somerset Buff, which I really like to use. The thing is though that as of now,I can not remember what type it was.

I have yet to make a series using this particular paper.

I will upload the little test series when I can locate them - those were fun to do and are totally raw as in no preparatory drawing.


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  1. Hi Aine. I've spent a long time looking over your Blog and your main web-site and found it hugely interesting and informative. Your work is so beautifully delicate and sensitive to the media you obviously love to use. I shall refer to your site often I'm sure. Its nice to know via your comment on my Blog that my details as mentioned in Pecays Biblioddysey book will lead to some intertest in my work....


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