Sunday, 23 December 2007

My Little Horrors

Just been going through some old CD's of my image files and came across this which is my all time favorite photo of my cats when I first got them.. What a time that was, it was such fun, and they were so precious and highly amusing. I had to toilet train them (as it were) but they really were very well behaved. My neighbors girls, Roma, Aelish and little Grace used to call to visit them. Then, after a while, once these little bundles had gained their confidence they used to pop along the garden in between our back gardens and go visit the girls.

I have a video somewhere of them which I must dig out of them larking about on my old Chesterfield sofa. Kittens are truly one of the delights of life. It only lasted about three months and then they started to look a bit more like fully grown cats. They are still with me and are such different characters who give me much pleasure. It's funny because in the beginning the stripey one was more forward but as adults the situation reversed although he is still not backwards at coming forwards, when he wants something.

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