Saturday, 8 December 2007

Good Editions - I guess I must be GOOD !!!

Its now in, I must be very GOOD !!! I actually was thinking to myself that I probably ought to do a post on here about this current exhibition that I had work selected for. I wonder how many people entered for it. It was entry by online submission (which I like) and I hoped that the print I sent them WOULD be selected.

The Very GOOD Show actual physical exhibition will be held at INDEXG, Toronto
from December the 11th through to January 6th, 2008.
The INDEXG art gallery is located at 50 Gladstone Ave, Toronto West-Queen-West art district in Canada. Prior to the show opening the artworks are available for purchase on-line

There are a large number of artworks on view and here are the pieces that I quite liked although to be honest nothing really 'grabbed" me although Serge Clement's piece was probably of most appeal from those that I chose.

There was one other person in this show who was listed as a printmaker/illustrator who did lino cuts. In fact I was surprised to see that she seemed to have just sent a scan of one of her lino cuts, which was decorative in nature.

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