Monday, 31 December 2007

You've Been Tagged

Well it's a bit late to be getting this 'task' (as it were) completed, but it was just a matter of getting around to it. I spent ages getting the eight random facts about myself together - typical me - I always do things too thoroughly. I mean I was just the same recently when it came to the matter of getting my Christmas cards written and posted which is why there are still quite a few hanging around !!. What am I like !!!.
Anyway the 8 random facts are located here on the blog somewhere............
Snippet One (part one of 8 facts about me)

Snippet Two; (part 2 of 8 facts about me )

I have just realised that I never did anumber three so here goes one off the cuff -
While I was doing my degree in Fine art at Trent Park (Middlesex University) , I had an amazing dream about one of my fellow students (whose work I admired),Lori Lirossi.

I saw all these paintings that she was going to be doing and they were lovely pieces. I was quite impressed with this experience . I did tell her about this and she was just SOH frustrated that she could not access the images !!
4. Snippet number 4
5. snippet number 5
6. Snippet number 6
7. Snippet number 7
8. Snippet number 8 footnote of the tagged process
Alynn Guerra
Mandy Prowse

Leonie Connellan also known as Crumpart

John Hitchcock over at Hybrid Press

Jade Pegler aka Me-Jade

Marion Michell aka Marjojo

Denise at

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