Monday, 23 April 2007

Stephanie Maxwell

Exhibition 2005
Originally uploaded by stefmaxwell.
I found this on Flickr and I thought it looked interesting . I will input some information about the artist etc when I can find it.

There was not any further information well artwork of a similar nature on her Flickr page so I guess this was a "one off'", interesting though as I have previously considered playing around with some of my printmaking 'elements' along these lines.


  1. Hi Aine! I recently discovered that you have a blog, and have enjoyed reading through it all. I've seen your name and work in odd places, so it's kinda cool to get to know you through this medium. I look forward to keeping in touch this way. Happy printmaking!

  2. Marja-leena

    nice to receive a post from you. I just wish that I could see the jpgs on your blog !! When I go to it they are not visible !!

    I will let you know if I manage to breakthrough.


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