Thursday, 9 October 2008

New Encounter Olivia Jeffries

I logged on to Etsy as I had been taken there in the course of following through via some other links. Essentially - I found myself on there and thought to myself 'Oh I know - I will pop along to my friend Elisabeth Omdahl's new shop on there to see how things are going and whether theres anything that I can do to support her.

Anyway I added her to my favourites ( she is after all an artist whose work I admire!) and then checked out who had already added Elisabeth as their favourites. There were 4 or 5 (which is good) and the last one I clicked on was Olivia Jeffries and I really liked her work.
Finding or discovering artists who I find interesting happens fairly often - I would say I find somebody interesting to me, about once a month.

BUT I don't always get round to adding them to my blog !! So today I have acted on things immediately !!!!

Elisabeth Omdahls Blog


  1. I know what you mean... and then you can't find the webpage you saw and it all goes pear-shaped! I've set up a 'favourites' sub-directory now called "Things to put on my Blog", but of course, it's filling up and I still haven't updated my blog... I can feel an internet makeover coming on! I'm very admiring of the way in which you DO transfer the interesting things you see onto your blogs, as well as the way in which you experiment. I don't do enough of either. Sara x

  2. Thanks for including stuff about me !
    And for referring to my Etsy.
    It reminds me I need to expand it some more to get it to work.
    must admit I am rather tired of all those commercial aspects that does not least for me.


  3. Elisabeth -- I know exactly what you mean when you say that you are rather tired of the 'commercial aspect' .............its such a lot of tedious laborious expenditure of effort for what sometimes turns out to be some results and what often turns out to no results.

    We just want to make our artworks.
    And yours are so lovely why cant people see that and just keep knocking on your door (and mine too) to ask to buy them it would be nice....oh I know wishful thinking but heck ---its my blog and what I say to myself is OK. So there!!

  4. Aine--oops didn`t see your comment before today.
    sitting here with morning coffe,watching the sun coming up.Are having a x-mas meeting in my studio with some collegues.need to pop into wine-shop for some gifts!
    hope Santa comes knocking on your door!!



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