Thursday, 11 June 2009

The Envelope People (small collagraph plates)

Here are the proofs of some little collagraph figures that I started a few weeks ago. And I must say that they have been particularly troublesome.!!

Going from stage one to four - I probably will not do any more with these but they have been very troublesome. They were started on the basis of a lovely little drawing I had done ages ago in one of my Seawhite square sketchbooks. I never use sketchbooks in the chronological sense so things are inserted at all different times. Nowadays I hardly use them at all instead I tend to just get a loose sheet of paper and work on that.

Then I will oftentimes scan it into Photoshop at some point to maybe adjust the scale of something or use the 'liquify' filter to slightly "tweek" an ankle, elbow or head or whatever just a little.

These are made using mount card (including tearing) PVA adhesive and carborundum. Sealed with Lascaux hard ground acrylic. I also used one of my new roulette wheels on the edge of the envelope at one point but I think that the effect is by now 'disappeared'.


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