Saturday, 3 October 2009

Busy day getting distracted from posting to my blog !!!

Its quite amazing the amount of time one can fritter away with going from one link to another .........Some times starting with clicking on a link in a google blog alert or through emails which ~I  get from the Baren's mailing list.  Since I had to get a new ISP and use my domain email, I have been getting far less email and yet it still doesn't prevent me from surfing all over the net!!
But I suppose it's all just a mixture of being inspired, informed and discovering new artists and other things.

Speaking of being inspired I found this little image on Swinkies blog which I find exquisite.  What a great name "Swinkie"!!  I enjoy her blog too.

Her actual name is Sandra Winkworth and she is based in Sydney Australia ( for those of you who were not aware !!) She spent some time in the Czech Republic ( this is where her family came from originally)  earlier this year at a place called Klenova.  It  was fun to read of her time there. Somehow it reminded me of the time I spent traveling in Poland with my friend Linda H, who still lives down in London.

Just found this letter to the Guardian newspaper from Linda ( good on yah girl !!) Our travels in Poland over a period of about four weeks took us to Warsaw, Krakow,  Wroclaw ( pronounced rotswav ) where we stayed with Linda's old friend Helena for about a week,  Later we travelled around the Polish countryside and I can't remember the names of most of the places that we went to other than that we  went sailing and camping on the Mazurian (sp ??) lakes, with a chap called Marek and his chums from the University in Wroclaw where Helena worked as a teacher ( some of them may have been students of hers).

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