Friday, 12 February 2010

Three Bears Print (part 3)

After looking at all of the tediousness of the aquatint plates and so on in the previous post,  heres the actual mock up for how I,  sort of,  envisioned how the print would look.
This is a good thing and a bad thing.  Great in that I felt all excited about this print I was going to make and then not such a good thing - in that I was maybe expecting too much!!.   I had edited the image of the three bears in photoshop and then layered it on to in the case of this first image (green) the car spray aquatint.

I prefer this mock up as the bears in this case are layered over the  more organic looking (I think) spray of the hand pump spray.  At this point I wasn't too sure as to whether to have the bears "traveling" through a light or a dark strip.  But I really liked it and wanted it to be grainy and dotty.  The next step was to get the bear images photo etched onto the copper plate.

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