Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Things not Turning out the way you want !

Waiting for a coat of varnish to dry on a piece of Birch plywood so thought I would try to catch up with some printmaking carried out of late.

Many of the plates I was working on in April May were done using Lascaux wash resist.

When you use  Lascaux Wash Resist you also have to use Lascaux aquatint spray - this  is an essential part of this
product’s process.   I have found, that LWR is only successful when used with copper plate.
Zinc and aluminium don't perform usefully with it, at all.  

Note we have added some
Indian ink (used for fountain pens) to the aquatint spray to make it more “visible” (especially on silver coloured metals such as zinc and aluminium).

The aquatint spray we have also diluted to the consistency of single cream, otherwise it ‘clogs up’ the airgun spray.
I seem to remember that to e.g., 100 ml of acrylic spray aquatint liquid - we add about 20 ml water max.


The first time I tried using this product was during the course workshops we did at FDPW, with Carol and Robert.  It was fantastic !!!

 I mean the effects you can get so don't be put off by my experience here.

I made a lovely copper plate with them -  and its beautiful.   I made a second smaller one to  accompany it.  These were to be a 'background'  for a print project I was working on for an exhibition in China.  I will post about this project (which will include  these)  later.

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