Monday, 23 August 2010

Luis Camnitzer

When looking up Luis Camnitzer a while back, on the internet I came across this image by him , which I just love.

Luis, born in Uruguay and resident in USA,  is an artist of note having made many conceptual works, often with personal and political resonance.

He has published many essays, books and participated in lots of important exhibitions.
He has work in a large number of collections including MOMA New York.

This second piece was last shown in 2005, in an exhibit by Tate Liverpool (UK) , that focussed on Latin American artists,  within their own collection.

This  piece (left) is  titled "Leftovers".  It  refers to the continuously popular  theme of state repression and the ever inventive yet gross and inhumane treatment of the  "desaparecidos".  These being the thousands of mainly everyday ordinary South American citizens who disappeared and still go unaccounted for.

I participated a few years ago in an international  project that Luis Camnitzer,  initiated and curated.  It was called The Last Book. Click HERE to read the original notice .

There were plans and agreements,  regarding its showing at the national Art Library in Madrid but that fell through.  It was however,  eventually exhibited at The National Library of Argentina in Buenos Aires, in  February 2009.

It' s interesting to note that The Daros Museum in Zurich, held a major exhibition of Luis Camnitzers work in July of this year and "the Last Book" piece was shown,  as part of that. 
It had contributions from 680 artists worldwide. 

There was no information as to who the other contributors were to this project, so if you were one of the artists please leave a message.
I have to admit though that I am disappointed that the contributions were not documented i.e., not viewable online.   
I believe this is so important - I mean if other artists contribute towards a project that one wants to create then that's the least one should do.  Thereby acknowledging their effort , their creativity their ideas...........this makes the project have a life - people get to see the work.
Thats what its all about .....other wise what's it all about.

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