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  1. Dear Artist,

    Under the approval of Municipality of Bologna-Italy, my own Cultural Association "SerenArte" is organizing in the famous show room Sala Cavazza located in the old centre (video enclosed), the


    Our organization:

    Our International Prints exhibition:

    Our Printmaking Studio:

    Any graphic techniques that allow total printing can be used (excluding photocopying) and the subject must represent/inspired by the great printmaker, Giorgio Morandi and/or the city of Bologna; the opening will be on the next

    13 January 2013, the prints will be showed in 3 others Cultural Institution through Italy.

    Requirements are:

    -Deadline to send works: 30th November 2012

    -Maximum number of prints: 2 ones per artist

    -Allowed max size sheet: 25x35 cm 10 x 13,5 inches

    If interested, the participation form will be sended to be filled and sent back with print(s) at the address below (please send a mail of confirmation, before); in case of sale the entire money will be sent to the artist by bank transfer. To cover costs for organization, preparation, lighting, security, advertising and sending back artworks, and professional video, the contribution is 25 Euro for one print; 40 for two prints. Bank details will be sended or PayPal is allowed.

    At your own disposal for more informations,

    Mr. Eugenio Santoro

    President of Cultural Association SerenArte

    (inscribed LFA n.2185)

    Via Santo Stefano 168

    40125 Bologna-Italy

    Tel. +39 349 2901981

    Tel/Fax +39 051 227351

    skype: serenarte2009

    P.S. Participants artists will be not more than 30


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