Sunday, 31 March 2013

Watercolour on Wood (2)

These are some photos  of my tests on wood with various mediums to have as a base under the water colour.  Then there's a shot of some water colours on plain birch wood (thats without a transparent medium underneath).  To this I also added some isopropyl alcohol to see if it would reticulate as per when I used it while doing some monoprints using water based inks.

I was trying out imagery............... although I then stayed with my original idea - that happened fairly quickly which was good.  Then I started thinking about colour and tone somewhat.

Click on images to see accompanying text /notes.


  1. Hi Aine - I saw this via facebook. I work on birch plywood a lot, but don't usually take the time for the kind of testing you're doing, so it's interesting to view your results. I do know that oil-based media and water-based media behave quite differently (or quite unpredictably when mixed), but if I'm not happy with my results, a palm sander comes in handy...the beauty of working on wood! Plus there's always a ghost image even after sanding, so the processes can lead to some happy accidents.

  2. Hi Aine. Back in the late 70's & early 80's, a friend and former colleague always worked on birch plywood for her drawings and collages. She would often work her images around the wood grain and the stability of the wood worked well for applying collaged materials. Check out Janet Mol's work here -


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