Thursday, 5 September 2013

Watercolour on Wood (4)

Well its about time I posted the final piece.............................................................................................
I WAS pleased with it, I really was  BUT unfortunately the people making the selections for the RSW (Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Watercolour) Annual Open   - were not of a similar opinion as in they did not include it in their selection.  oh dee dah !!.  
I know its pot luck with these things but still its a bit annoying when you have made something specifically.  Well -  that's the 2nd time I have made a piece especially  for their annual open submission.
The thing is that I genuinely do love watercolour but NOT in the way its used by hundreds of thousands of artists - I find that utterly tedious I really do ............... I like to use it in my own way.  The idea of doing something different with it really appeals to me.  Having said that I do appreciate the way it reticulates and bleeds thats absolutely's a lovely medium to use if you haven't done any art for a while or if you're recovering from an illness.


  1. I think your way of using water colours is brilliant!

  2. I actually prefer that you use different techniques in an artistic way and I can see no reason why watercolur should be used in a way that makes limitations for the just continue doing it your way...
    I find your work here so good...and interesting....
    smile from me

    Anita Thomhave Simonsen

  3. Bad luck Aine, but it's always best to work in your own way. Maybe you'll start a whole new art movement!!

  4. Wonderful, haunting piece Aine. I like the way you used the watercolor as a stain so the wood grain remained visible. Definitely keep experimenting with this process, regardless of not making the watercolor show.

  5. It's an interesting piece. The nod to Van Gogh is very evident and the wood substrate combined with watercolor is unusual, appealing and has great promise. Don't worry too much about the show--although rejections hurt always more than they should...I'd keep going with this.

  6. I would try to express well in english ( I speak spanish and frenc) I'm agree with all the people here. It doesn't matter what the RSW said about your artwork, the most important thing it's your creative work. Continue to explore. I love watercolor and both country where I'd worked (Mexico DF & Paris) the Society of Artists are very close and classic.
    Let's go dance with creativity and improve watercolor's Word!
    By the way, I love your idea watercolor on Wood. Congrats

  7. Excellent topic, i really enjoy reading on your post looking forward to read more from you soon.

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  8. Keep following your own path, to the beat of your own drummer, so your work will remain yours and your's alone. I love everything you create.


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