Monday, 30 July 2007

Eimearjean Mc Cormack

Came across this Irish artists work on a website called Canvas ie.
I like her way of working, for example this is a mono print on silkscreen. Perhaps it's a trace monotype. Or maybe it has been collaged onto the surface of the screenprint. I can see no reason not to proceed thus as I am not a "purist" where printmaking is concerned.
I think that there are so many people making prints with landscape scenes or still life type images or heaven forbid nudes.....zzzzz.......... oh it gets so boring.

Anyway I like the simplicity and essential nature of this work.
Speaking of playing about with how one makes works using printmaking techniques, on Thursday and Friday of this week I went to the print workshop to make some small print works for a project and these involved me using hard ground plates on top of chine colle digital images on Japanese paper as well as the usual chine colle coloured papers which I purchased over a year ago at Falkiners in London.

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