Monday, 30 July 2007

Remix 100

This little print is on its way to Perth now to become part of the Remix 100 project. I am not too sure how this came about i.e., the exhibition of the little prints housed in CD boxes, but I am pretty sure that Su Grierson or Perth Visual Arts Forum will have had a fair amount to do with it as I get the impression that this is a lady who likes to get things done once she sets her mind to it.
I popped this print in a CD case, in a "Jiffy' bag(envelope) into the postbox at about 11.30 this morning. It's probably in a sorting office somewhere now - actually I think it will be Edinburgh.

Apparently this exhibition is next going to be shown in China. That will be about the fifth time I have shown there. First time was through the Irish exhibition of works by James Ryan at his gallery there in China - this was called "6x6". I will post the images I showed in those two exhibitions sometime here on the blog.

1 comment:

  1. Hey.
    Thank you for your interest in the work, 'my copper-coloured heart.' Yes, you can use the images, but please note that I only use the name Kruse not susan Kruse with regards to my work.
    I very much like the ARAN work you have shown here and on Flickr. Particularly the babies wrapped in the knitting.
    Is'nt it great that we can have these community groups? The internet has been such a boon for artists. I never feel isolated these days.
    Anyway, hope you have a great 50th year and continue to make lovely work.


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