Friday, 3 August 2007

Diffusion by Naoji Ishiyama

I thought it might be interesting to look up some of the other artists from the book I am in, called "Printmaking on the Edge"and so I began by looking up the artwork of Naoji Ishiyama who is a Japanese artist now living in Finland.

I don't know why but because of the way the name sounded to me, I though that this printmaker artist was a woman. Probably because of the name Naomi - it sounds kind of similar. Anyway he seems pretty friendly and has been really productive in the sense that he put up a lot of information, on his website about the P.A.T.E. groups' activities, which of course is much appreciated by the rest of us too.

I like this image of his. It's an etching aquatint measuring 16 x 24 cm and was made in 2004.

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