Saturday, 4 August 2007

Tagged Part 1 of 8 ; facts(snippets) about me

in response to the 'you've been tagged' phenomenon1

Fact or snippet about me


I was born in St Marys Hospital in Paddington London.

I lived for the first 6 months of my life in a beautiful house in Pembridge Villas in Notting Hill.

My mother would be busy all around the house undertaking household tasks while I 'languished' in the attic room that acted as her accommodation. She was obliged to work in this position, to earn her 'keep'.

No doubt I would spend hours , looking out the window, staring at the wind blowing through the trees and I also liked to hold my hands up above me trying to catch the sunlight--------things have not changed that much then as I am still (metaphorically) trying to catch something elusive through my hands i.e., my life's research, that is, my fine art practice.
Fact number two to follow soon.

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