Monday, 6 August 2007

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I had two long term dolls,when I was a little girl and they were called Dolores and Miranda.

Miranda was a black doll she was very pretty and had blue-ish black skin and that was quite innovative of my mother when I think of it. I certainly never met any other little girls who had a doll like mine. However a consequence of Miranda occurred one time when we as a family were on one of our many visits to England from Ireland to see my relatives.

We boarded a train at Victoria station in London and it was pretty busy. It was one of those lovely old fashioned ones such as those depicted in old Agatha Christie movies, with a carriage where three people sit facing one another. We sat into one hurriedly whereupon I exclaimed excitedly "Look like my that a doll Mammy ?" I have no idea what the poor woman thought about my behaviour but it was explained to me later. But she really did look like a doll to me and I was absolutely amazed. I never knew which of my dolls I loved the most because I loved them both.......a bit like the way I love my cats who are very different to one another. Oh by the way Delores had auburn hair and blue eyes.

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  1. I had one of those! I'm about the same age as you too. I played with this one much more than with the big blonde baby doll I also had. Oh, I also had a 'bride' doll dressed in a trousseau but I cut her hair and got my mum to make a modern 1950's wardrobe for her! :-D


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