Tuesday, 14 August 2007

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The Innocence of Books


My brother and I (my younger brother Barry- who I was closest to) once though we had murdered our older Brother Paddy.

We were fighting with him because he was teasing us and he might have been hitting us I can't remember that well......... anyway we dropped some books on his head from the upstairs banister and he was unconscious for probably 20 seconds but to us it was an eternity and though we were partially delighted at our handy work we were a bit worried too about being sent to either "The Good Shepherds" (which our mother often mentioned in relation to our "appalling" - though pretty harmless behavior) or a children's prison and of course there would also be the court appearance with all of those scary fellas with the gowns and the wigs!!! . It's amazing what a range of ideas you can go through as you wait to find out whether your 'victim' will remain asleep forever or 'come to'. I don't think he even noticed what had happened and he just ran after us for throwing books at him.
Little does he know, little does he know..............

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