Sunday, 5 August 2007

JENNIFER HINES epitaphs-all

Isn't this lovely - I saw it a few months back on the Print Zero Studios, portfolio on Flickr. It's by Jennifer Hines and is called "Epitaphs-all" I love the shape or outline of an open envelope of this classical shape. I suppose its just like a house and of course that's a form that is a recurrent theme/ symbol in my own artwork. Looking at this particularly makes me think of the print I made for Florida Printmakers. It was made a few months after the awful tsunami disaster that we all heard about on the TV on the day after Christmas must be about 2 years ago now. I made the print using "chine colle digital print" and copper plate etch blind emboss.

I think it was an edition of about 18 or something. It was manageable. I can't be doing with large editions e.g., of more than 20 anymore. By the way I have only done these for groups such as Partners in print who I have mentioned earlier on in this blog . getting back to the print I made that has similarities to the envelope shape. Yes I was a member of Florida Printmakers. I made one print for the "2nd open members exchange portfolio"
and then was invited to make another for the 2nd members invitational exchange

I was a bit disappointed with the way the print was displayed on the site and consequently felt disinclined to continue my association with FP.

I do get annoyed with projects I have contributed to, where the person who initiated it, has not had the professional courtesy to document the event hardcopy or preferably now online. I mean in this day and age it's not difficult and one has fantastic facilities available such as Flickr (which can be availed of for no cost other than the effort) or you can pay something like 25 pounds and then it's secure and you have ownership.

Anyone else had this kind of experience?.

Jennifers website is at

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