Sunday, 19 August 2007

Research for the next print I am making................

......................I am making a print for the "Periodic Table of Elements" project which is coordinated by Azuregrackle over on Flickr dot com. I just posted this to give a glimpse into what I have been doing in relation to making this print.
I have been assigned to work on "Cobalt" which is number 27 on the table. Some Swedish chap called Brandt spliced it together in the early part of the last century and the aspect of its properties that appealed to me was or is its presence in Vitamin B12 which of course is something that women with a tendency towards anemia are given particularly in pregnancy but cobalt is one of those minerals which is present in most living beings. One finds tiny extracts of it in plants and its essential to our nervous systems good health.

So I have come up with an image of two infants which I have been fiddling about with all week but have now got started onto a collagraph plate. The print size is only six inches square so its fairly limiting but I suppose its good training for eventually getting around to entering some of those various miniprint biennials etc that I am forever intending to enter. The vague idea at present is that I may combine a digital chine colle in with the collagraph although I am also experimenting with some Lascaux hard ground acrylic etch to try to get different effect for an additional layer of colour. we will see , we will see.

I have always loved Egyptian art of this period - I have never met anyone who does not find it interesting. Unfortunately I cannot remember which tomb this came from shame on me. maybe I will check it out again and update this post later.

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