Monday, 6 August 2007

Iona Johnson working in Lino Etch mhhh!!!

I saw this a while back on the internet probably when I was in the early stages of researching for my recently completed installation. I usually look into technical processes that I have on my long term list of "Things to do" I must write it up and post it on here. Actually I think that's a good idea. Who says talking to yourself is pointless !!

Getting back to Iona, I love this color even though on the whole I am not a great fan of reds. Although this is kind of like tomato soup red and I used to love that stuff when I was a kid. Anyway I very much like what is possible with lino etch. I have used the process in one print I have 'half made' but not finished. When I eventually get to have all of my studio from London 'unpacked" I will be able to 'get at' things and to be able to locate them without it being a nightmare. At the moment I am only half unpacked. Click on the heading above to see a few more pics of Iona's work.

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  1. For ages I've been telling my hubby we ought to do a big nude body print each on sheets and hang them either side of the bed. The only reason we haven't is that we're supposed to be doing up the house to sell and move nearer the sea; I can imagine the estate agents reaction to something like that hanging up! Something to do when we do move then, as a celebration. :-)
    Great blog!


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