Wednesday, 10 September 2008

I wish I knew what this "Arabic Script" said ??

تها. ولم تعفي مساحة التوالد هذه أدق جزئيات محيط وجودنا أو المتشكل من ذرات أجسامنا. وان كان الفن يشكل مقياسا لحساسية مجتمعاتنا وتحسس وجودها السري في نفس الوقت. فانه الآن فكرة متولدة ووالدة. ولم يكن عرض ترينالا فالو إلا نوعا من ترمومتر حدسي للمتوفر من تجارب هؤلاء الفنانين المشاركين. وان لم يكن بالإمكان إحصاء التجارب الكرافيكية العالمية بشكل مطلق, فبالإمكان حصر البارز منها وتحت عناوين استدلالية. وهذا ما فعله(ريتشارد نويز) وما حاول العرض إبرازه بالشكل المناسب.

I really find this script form to be so beautiful.

It's a snippet from a review ( on Baghdadart dot DE) of the exhibition (I was in) which was on about this time last year at the Falun Graphic Triennial In Sweden. At the Dalarnas Museum.

Click here to see an album of photos about the exhibition on my page on Flickr


  1. according to google translate it says -

    These molecules accurately reproduce the vicinity of our existence, or formed from atoms our bodies. If art is a measure of sensitivity and empathy of our existence secret at the same time. Now he and his father-generated idea. It was not introduced Raynal Falu only kind of intuitively Termumitr available from the experiences of these artists participants. If not possible to count tests Alkravique global absolutely, could limit eminent and evidentiary under headings. This is what he has done (Richard Louise) and tried to offer highlighted properly.

  2. I've heard art-speak before, but that is probably the most obtuse! I, too, love the calligraphy of the ancient forms.


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