Sunday, 17 August 2008

I am back after the onslaught of the deadly virus!!

I put a print through my etching press this evening and that is the proof to me that I am OK and back in action -- this time last week it was a very different picture. I was just utterly miserable with feverishness and a dull continuous ache in my lower abdomen.

It was hard to do anything at all. I was weakened by the blasted bug and it was dominating me. It really was not a case of snapping out of it or mind over matter.
I had had something like this whilst on my Masters course in Barcelona. That was called gasto enteristus which I guess just means stomach flu. Although back then I don't think I had the feverishness although I had diahorea and the stomach pain. I had to eat bananas hard boiled eggs and rice for the whole 2 weeks. Can you imagine the dullness of that. At least this time I was able to eat normally although I was definitely somewhat off my food these past 2 weeks. A lot more picky and not feeling I could face this or that kinds of foods.

I should add that the image included in this post is from a google search I did (on Nostradamus ) to put together an announcement for artistsbooks ning dot com website.
Here is a link to where I found the image as it would take too long to explain its origin.


  1. I'm really glad that you're feeling better and ready to print again. :-)

  2. Beautiful print! It looks like you speared that nasty illness right through the old noggin!

  3. Hi Aine! Thanks for your kind wishes re my masters... I can't wait to get through it all, and be able to think about something else!
    Your comment about the fact that your stomach problems weren't in your head made me feel sad for you. I know that feeling of questioning yourself when you are someone who experiences a lot of pain or ill health. It's so easy to be excessively hard on oneself and feel that we aren't doing enough. Other people would be off to bed, no questions asked. Try to be kind to yourself...and I'll try to be kind to myself! Hugs,


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