Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Who would have thought a chair could look so ethereal ?

I came across this image of a print of a chair by an artist called Sarah Watson, a few days back. It's a sugar lift with spit bite. The latter is a process that I have never had a go at but would love to. I really wasn't taught anything much at Wimbledon School of art where I did a postgraduate printmaking course. There was an overemphasis on theory and practical print studio practice was severely lacking.

Actually the other day I was thinking that maybe I could do 'spit bite' of a kind, by dropping the saline etch solution on a degreased aluminium plate. I have recently been trying this process out to see how I got on look at my print studio blog (which is tucked away behind this one).
Getting back to Sarah Watson it seems she and a couple of printmaker buddies have just set up and opened a print workshop in Richmond Virginia - called Studio 23. I came across one of these buddies of hers on Flickr called Beth Noe and thought her work looked interesting as well although she also doesn't appear to have much of her printmaking on view on the web. Maybe they will put some of it on their blog once they get a bit more settled in there. I wish them luck!!

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