Thursday, 27 March 2008

Denise Walker - exhibition + Univ. of Glasgow

I was just talking about printmaker Denise Walker in my print studio blog, yesterday and lo and behold - I receive an invite to her private view. It will be taking place in a couple of weeks time. It was she, who got me started doing some woodblock printmaking about this time last year. In my print studio blog yesterday - I was saying that whereas I had been making wood blocks where I removed the line which then printed white on black (as it were) Denise got me doing it more in a way that I am happier with - i.e., "positively".
Subsequent to her input last March-April, I did not actually do any wood cuts until I started them last week. This was mainly because I was working on my installation for the Dalarnas Museum in Sweden.
I had been considering doing woodcuts or to include that technique in part, but ultimately worked mainly in intaglio (etching and collagraph) as well as a small amount of inkjet chine colle.
Denise's exhibition will feature recent large woodcuts. I will probably be overwhelmed when I see them firstly by the content and then by her technical brilliance . What a gal - I mean to have both !! I will take my camera along and take a few photos and post them on here.

I found another image of hers today on the net which is from her website (which is currently "closed for lunch" for updating. I guess that jpg or gif escaped from the fold and made a dash for the "great white web" or where ever pixels float off to when they want to get away from it all!!

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