Wednesday, 5 March 2008

My print Studio blog has been updated

It's funny but I wonder whether people notice that I have a "technical development"- well mainly that kind of thing BLOG, in the 'back room' of this one, as it were. That's the way I think of it. Slowly making progress with the Photrak (photographic acrylic resist etch) and the "saline etch" process.

I have also started doing some tests where I have used the Lascaux acrylic resist etch applications. Just some featuring hard and soft ground so far. But, in the last week, I have purchased almost the entire range of the Lascaux products that can be used in an etching context. This includes the tusche applications (including the stuff that one uses to load in to an air spray. Yikes, that lot of items cost nearly £200.00 !!.

Speaking of air sprays, that's one of the next things I am going to purchase, for doing aquatints. I have been researching these items on the web and it's difficult to know which one to buy. Again given that it might cost up to about £200.00 - I want to make a good choice. I think I might post on the printmaking forums about this.

Although you don't always get answers, I posted a few onto Wet Canvas before I ever got any replies - I guess it's just a case of who happens to visit the forum at moment "X" coupled with their knowledge. I would imagine that most people such as myself who go on there WILL contribute a response to a post (particularly a recent one) if it's something they know about or have experience of - I know I do.

Anyway that's quite enough for now.

The next thing I have to get be "carrying on" with, is the artwork I am making for the exhibition called "Your Documents Please" I will 'post' about this on a later occasion.

Oh and heres a recent photo of my sweet little kitty cat "Finny Foodles", chilling out !!!

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