Thursday, 6 March 2008

Naestved International Mini Print Exhibition

I was surprised to receive an email a couple of weeks back from Naestved printmakers in Denmark. I mean I had sent them three small prints (two of which, I trust they will be returning) and I thought that, that was more or less it. I thought that they would just be having a local exhibition - maybe even within the print workshop itself.

But it seems much more of a 'big deal' and they have documented it all really nicely as well (online) click on the heading to this post.

It's being held at the Roennebaeksholm Arts and Culture Centre

Because the exhibition is also displaying two print exchanges by Print Zero Studios there are over 1.500 prints by 765 artists from 52 countries. I like the way they have organized the exhibited works by country as well as by artists names.
The Naestved exhibition project is co ordinated by Torben Soeborg.

Because there is so much to see - I did not get very far but a couple of pieces that caught my attention were Linda Marshall and Magdalena Margret Kjartansdóttir, whose postcard I picked up at an exhibition in Reykjavik when I was last there with my solo exhibition at Galerie Listakot. What a coincidence!.
I find Linda Marshalls prints very interesting because of the way I feel, she is integrating the inkjet with the etching in certain of her works. I hope to get in contact with her, to see if she will let me interview her about her printmaking practice for my tradigital blog.

Here is another link I discovered showing some pictures of the exhibition

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